Dr Andrew GWODOG

SCG-Ré is honored to be the first signatory to the Nairobi Declaration on Sustainable Insurance in the CIMA region.

As a subsidiary of the Gabonese Fund for Strategic Investments (FGIS), SCG-Ré is in line with the policy of the Gabonese State and the President of the Republic, His Excellency Ali BONGO ONDIMBA, African global leader in environmental preservation and sustainable development.

FGIS subsidiaries, including SCG-Ré, undertake to make environmental preservation, consideration of ESG issue and reduction of carbon footprint as part of their DNA, through adapted CSR policies and adoption of Principles of Sustainable Insurance (P.S.I). We are indeed concerned by the challenges of the Nairobi Declaration on Sustainable Insurance and share the objectives set out in it.

Furthermore, we will encourage African insurance and reinsurance companies to join this initiative which is beneficial to our common future. We undertake to do everything possible to ensure that in Gabon and in the CIMA region, companies of the insurance industry adhere to the Declaration, given the crucial role that insurers and reinsurers must play in the dynamics of sustainable development in Africa.